Give controls for Captions

None of the builders I have used give these controls.

It’s probably not a big deal doing custom CSS for most bricks people, but I feel it’s a little overkill.

I don’t know why has no one asked about this before (maybe I am the problem xD), except for someone asking for more controls for image gallery captions (very nice to have).

In bricks, the image caption on the ‘feature image’ looks like this:

However, in my case it’s fine with the images inside the post, but just that the caption is aligned center.

I can confidently say for blogs at least, that there’s a scarcity of people who would want that.

For blogs, it shouldn’t even be a subjective preference because it’s not good if you consider legibility.

However, adding controls for captions should easily and quickly let people style as they prefer.

Custom CSS fix for those who want:

I want the caption below the image and left-aligned.

Tweak according to your preference and put it inside the code element or the custom code in bricks settings, and not inside any element’s custom CSS (like I did and ;-; hammered by head) to avoid conflicts.





I also did not find the settings for the figcaptions. It would be nice to have it

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