DUPLICATE: Query loop creating 1 more phantom item than the actual query's number of items?

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS
URL: https://iglooinsure.com/
Refer to screenshots

In this screenshot, you can see that there’s extra gap below the last row of menu items.

For some reason, after updating to 1.9.6, all my query loops are creating an additional “phantom item”. Because of that, my grids are adding additional grid gaps and my sliders have an empty last slide.

I’m using ACF Pro for CPTs and I can confirm that the bug is because of updating to 1.9.6 because after rolling back my website before the update, the issue is gone.

I had a same “issue” but I fiddled around and re-did/saved my query loop and somehow it disappeared.

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Hi guys,
Thanks so much for your report!

The reason is the new filter/sort/live search feature.

We’re already aware of the issue: WIP: CSS Selector "last-of-type" buggy since update

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