WIP: CSS Selector "last-of-type" buggy since update

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Since the recent update my custom css doesn’t work properly anymore. I’m using a css selector in a loop to prevent the divider to be shown after the last post.

This only occurs on the live site, I tested this on mobile and on a macbook with safari as well.
It worked perfectly fine before the update.

Here are two screenshots of builder (where it displays as intended) and the live page, where it doesn’t: https://imgur.com/a/DwwJfDU

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Live page is https://schlosskonzerte-oranienburg.de/

Code used is:

.calendar-loop:last-of-type .divider-hide-in-loop {
display: none;

Thanks so much for your report!

The problem arises because the last loop item is not the last element “of-type” div. Unfortunately, the new filter feature adds another element, even if no filter is used. We are already working on a solution :v:

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