DUPLICATE: Interaction doesn't initialize until second interaction fires

I have two interactions on a DIV:

  • When it leaves viewport, add class “show” to #cart-bar
  • When it enters viewport, remove class “show” from #cart-bar

What happens is that when scrolling dow so that the DIV, which is initially fully within the viewport, is out of the viewport, #car-bar does not receive the class “show”. If you scroll back so that the div is in the viewport then scroll down so it’s out of the viewport AGAIN, it now works (#cart-bar gets the class “show”.

Page is: https://oceansev.com/product/spirit-1-0-evo/?attribute_shaft-length=Short+(64.5cm/24.6in)&attribute_throttle-control=Evo+tiller

Hi Eric,
Thank you for your report.

This is a known bug for which we have unfortunately not yet been able to offer a solution, but we are working on it.