WIP: Element interaction enter/exit viewport does not work properly

Browser: All
OS: macOS
URL: venicecuratorialcourse.com
Video: Jam

Hi Brickers!
I have the container1 hidden with an image.
With an interaction the yellow section when exiting the viewport shows the container1.

In order for this to work, the yellow section must leave the viewport (but the hidden container cannot be seen), then I have to bring the yellow section back into the viewport and from then on everything works correctly.

If I reload the page, the yellow section must exit the viewport, re-enter and exit again for the hidden container to be seen.

The site is venicecuratorialcourse.com

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Hi Daniele,
Thanks so much for your report!

We already have a task for this on the ToDo list. The first trigger is ignored on enter/exit.

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