DUPLICATE: Form Field Margin control reads and outputs as 'padding'

Browser: Chrome 110
OS: macOS. 11.7.4

Steps to reproduce
Add a form, go to Content > Fields > FIELD > Margin. When entering a value - the label in the middle incorrectly reads ‘padding’ instead of ‘margin’, on the front end it outputs as padding too.

Video showing the issue

Apologies, this already seems to have been reported in this forum. Admin please feel free to delete this post if needed.

Hi Simon,
Can you give me the link to the already-reported thread?

In general, it’s a bit confusing as it is because we “tricked” something there. Nevertheless, everything is displayed correctly, no matter if it’s margin or padding.

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Thanks @timmse it’s here: WIP: Theme style Form field margin is form padding

There doesn’t seem to be a simple way to add space between form fields without other implications, as per my post here: Adding space between form fields on the same line - what method do YOU use?

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:
True, the “problem” has already been reported and is on the todo list.

I’ll close this post and let you know in the other thread when it has been resolved.
I just replied to your “adding space” question.

Have a great weekend!

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