DUPLICATE: Editing page in Bricks won't show the Single Page template included, only Header & Footer - is this expected?

Bricks Version: 1.5 RC
Browser: Safari 16.0
OS: macOS 13.0

I think this has always been the case so I don’t know if this is a bug, but makes me wonder if this is really intended or if it needs to be improved perhaps. My two cents… this needs to be improved so that the Editor matches what we expect in the Frontend.

Situation: Editing a page in Bricks Builder which a Single Page template is applied that simply adds a section for the page title. When editing the actual page content itself (not the template), it won’t show the template at all, only the header and footer.

This issue can sometimes throw me off a bit since I’m not seeing things in the Editor as they appear in the Frontend. Shouldn’t the editor be showing me as it expects to be seen on the frontend? In an ideal world, they’d be the same / matching, and I think that’s what we should be striving for ideally.

Screenshot of the front-end page:

Screenshot of what it looks like in the editor (notice the lack of the purple bar with the post title which comes from the Single Page template applied)

If this is considered a defect or an improvement, let me know and I can try to change the category.

Hi Dustin,
When editing the page, you’re editing the “inner content” that gets rendered through the post content element, not its surrounding wrapper (the template).

Since this topic has been coming up more and more lately, I will address it internally within the team.

Best regards,


Thank you, I appreciate that. :slight_smile: Because my thinking now is that even if it’s designed that way purposely to only show the inner content to be edited and no real template parts, it seems inconsistent then that it still shows the header and footer. Ideally though we’d see the full output of the page in the editor as others are requesting/expecting too, so the full single page template included for example. Basically how a user would expect it to look on the front end is how it should appear in the editor, IMO.

It can cause confusion the way it is currently especially with new users who are just learning how to change their pages and wondering why it doesn’t look how they expect it to, and asking questions of the designer. :wink: Hoping to see this fixed soon. :pray:

Hi @Timmse, was just wondering if there was an update on this? This is quite an annoying bug (or at least an annoying limitation if not a bug). :wink:

I understand it’s technically “inner content” but if that is the reasoning behind why the single template content isn’t showing then why even show the header or footer for example? It’s an inconsistent application of that theory, in my opinion.

I hope this limitation can be resolved soon.

Is it possible to get this fixed up for the next release please? It’d be a big improvement for the editing experience. :slight_smile:

Hi @timmse, happy new years!

Can we please get an update on this or the related post at https://forum.bricksbuilder.io/t/single-page-template-design-isnt-showing-when-editing-a-page/ please? Thank you in advance.

FYI - I was recently trialing Breakdance and their template system worked exactly as I would have expected it to and seemingly everyone else in the other forum post too. Really hoping Bricks fixes this behaviour with the editing experience & how it renders templates when editing pages.