DUPLICATE: Code / Custom CSS: Canceling an operation causes element/text to duplicate

Browser: Chrome latest
OS: macOS Monterey latest

While using the builder, if I cancel an operation, it will often duplicate whatever I have been editing. It happens in any case when using the keyboard shortcut (Cmd + Z), not sure if it happens if I click the cancel (back) arrow.

particularly observed when editing :

  • custom CSS
  • code blocks

Thanks so much for your report!

Would you be so kind as to provide a screencast showing and explaining what’s going on?

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Hi @timmse sorry it took me so long but I’ve been away from web projects for a little while, and every time I came upon this “stable” problem, I didn’t have the time to repeat it. But the fact is that it happens a lot in the custom CSS UI.

So I found a situation that kept on repeating itself :

  • write custom CSS
  • modify a part of it (in this case, delete a bit of information : changing from 1.4rem to 1rem)
  • cancel using keyboard shortcut (macOs) “Cmd+Z”
  • observe that the code has been doubled.

Now this happens with a lot of code part. It is quite problematic because it means you can quickly completely mess your entire custom CSS if you are not aware that it doubled the code parts. See how it does it with selectors and with CSS properties values : it just doubles everything after a keyboard “Cmd+Z” action.

In the recording below, when the screen “flashes” it is when I use keyboard “Cmd+Z”.

Screen recording : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

We already have a similar task about the code element on the todo list, but I’ll be happy to add your report too: WIP: Code Element Ctrl+Z bug

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