WIP: Code Element Ctrl+Z bug

Browser: Firefox
OS: Windows
Bricks Version: 1.7

2 Issues:
When you have a long code in the Code Element requiring scrolling, and you make a mistake and click on Ctrl+Z, the Code Element’s scroll bar takes you all the way back up at the beginning and ‘appends’ the previous edits with the ‘mistake’ code. You have to scroll back down to where you were and weed out the ‘wrong’ code.

This also happens to me and hate it lol. I try to refrain from cmd + z, but sometimes second-nature takes its course.

Please fix Bricks’ team! :slight_smile:

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Hi Khan,
Thanks so much for your report!

I was able to reproduce the scrolling up issue, but I’m not sure what you mean by " ‘appends’ the previous edits with the ‘mistake’ code". Can you record a short video about this?

Best regards,

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Hey Timimy, thanks for the reply.
Here is a video: Watch video Bricks bug - share-me.video

You can see I type timer2+=2;, save, and then press Ctrl+Z 4 times. It completely goes away on the 4th attempt otherwise some artifacts remain.

Thanks for the video!
With birdeatsbug or jam.dev it would still have been better because there every one of your inputs is logged, so we can specifically track what you pressed and when :slight_smile:

I see the problem and add it to the bug tracker.

Best regards,

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Timmy, I tried to use birdeatsbug and jam.dev but looks like they are Chrome exclusives. and I do all the development on Firefox. All my passwords are mess to remember so I didnt go that route at this time. But I will try to use them for every consequent request here :slight_smile:


I also don’t understand why the cursor always scrolls back to the top in any code blocks (advanced page settings, code blocks widget, or template settings). Maybe it is a Mac and/or Firefox issue? Not sure.

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