Disable Lazy Loading should be opposite - “Enable Lazy Loading”

I’d like to suggest that the Disable Lazy Loading option be inverted to an Enable Lazy Loading instead.

Reason why: Currently if one were to look at the Performance page in Bricks Settings, it could be assumed that enabling all the options will help improve performance, however the Disable Lazy Loading option is contrary to that assumption as enabling that setting actually disables lazy loading, and lazy loading is recommended for page speed and user experience (especially for mobile visitors).

In my mind, enabling any of the Performance functionalities would be to improve performance, and they all seem to do that except the lazy loading one since enabling that is actually disabling lazy loading which is contrary to best practice. Disabling lazy loading should only be done when other plugins like WP Rocket are enabled for lazy loading instead (to avoid conflicts with both tools lazy loading items as has been reported in the past).

Please consider inverting that line to be “Enable Lazy Loading” instead of “Disable Lazy Loading”, where checking it would mean enabling lazy loading, and unchecking it would be disabling it.