Custom login options seem very limited

I want a login form on my front page because most users will need it immediately on arrival.

I’ve used the Bricks form to add these fields, but I can’t figure out how to:
a) Add a “forgotten password” link,
b) Limit login attempts to reduce spam (I have a plugin to do this, but it only works with wp-login.php, not with Brick’s form fields).

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Maybe the plugin loginpress helps?

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There are quite a few plugins like this, but as far as I can tell they seem to modify WP’s login page, rather than letting you place elements from those pages onto other pages on the site (like the landing page). I suppose you COULD set the login page to be the landing page, but then you are using loginpress to build your entire front page rather than having Bricks do it (with all the control that entails).

There do seem to be a couple that use fancy javascript to enable you to put shortcodes for login fields onto other pages, but having fooled around with them, they seem to have other drawbacks (and sometimes seem tricky to get working reliably). I spent a day tooling around with them and couldn’t get things going very well.