Additional Features in Login/Register Form

Login form

  • I miss the possibility to add the checkbox for “Remember me” here.

  • I can add the forgot password link manually, but I can’t layout the reset password form. Here it would be great if for example by a toggle below the login form the user can enter the username to request the reset link.

  • In addition, it would be good if you could customize the error message. It is not really safe to tell the user that this username does not exist.

Register Form

  • Here I miss the possibility to add a second password field to repeat and check the password.

No answers here?
Should we install a plugin for this?

Also there are anti-spam plugins that limit the number of attempts people can use to login, but those don’t seem to work with Brick’s name and password form . The only existing option is Google’s ReCpatcha, which may or may not be suitable.

Did you find a way to do it?