Copy settings to different breakpoint

A few times now I have been editing a page and found at some point I selected a different breakpoint to make an adjustment and forgot to switch back to desktop, which means that all of my adjustments thereafter are for that breakpoint only.

I think adding a feature that would allow us to copy styles/settings across breakpoints might alleviate some frustrations down the road.


Sorry to bring this back from the dead but I feel like this is more important now since we are able to update the breakpoints. One example would be switching to a mobile-first approach, it would be great if we could drop the styles from the Desktop breakpoint down to mobile so we have a better starting point.

Right now, switching to mobile-first requires us to redo all of the styles.


Seconded by. I, too, was faced with the task of moving all the layout styles from one breakpoint to another. Is it possible to do this now? Has anyone encountered it?


Good shout Josh! :+1:

Been meaning to get around to adding this as a feature request too!

Another use case for me is when you decide to change your base breakpoint

For example, it may be set to 1300px and you decide you want to start the styling from 1600px, if you create a breakpoint at 1600px your site is broken (obviously as there are no styles) and the ability to copy the styles over from the previous basepoint setting would fix this (to a certain extent).

Blimey, just noticed this was from Dec 21, not Dec 22! hahaha


agreed. this is quite important. as a whole, the ability to delegate and mmigrate styles over a single or multiple break points.


Just encountered this need as well! It happens often, that I’ll be editing something and not realize I am in the wrong breakpoint. In code, it’s a simple copy/paste to a different media query… it would be really nice to have this feature in Bricks.

Not entirely sure how it’d be implemented, but it would be a big help.


This is really important. After I started developing my website I added a breakpoint for large screens (media query “min-width: 1441px”) and boom… all the styling from my website are non existing on screens larger than 1440px.

How do you fixed this on your websites?


When I originally brought up this issue, I tried to export the layout and modify the json file to account for the new default breakpoint. At the time, this did not work, probably because I was moving to a mobile-first approach, but it may work for your situation.

yeah would be a really nice feature, need no change all settings from mobile to tablet breakpoint because of late design decicions!