Content flickering for animations on viewport enter

This is something that has happened to others in 2022 and 2023 but apparently fixed here:

It’s happening to me now. I’ve got a class connected to interaction with a fadeIn effect on enter viewport, no delay, target is self.
Bricks styles are set to load externally. There are no performance/caching tools running while I’m logged in for dev, so no funny business with CSS combining or moving around.

Happens in Chrome, latest Bricks 1.9.8.

If I watch the page load frame by frame, basically what happens is a couple content pieces show up over a white background, then disappear (that’s the flash). Then the background shows up (gradient background), then the elements fade in as they should.

It’s quite noticeable since it not only flashes the content, but switching between the white background to the gradient when it loads is even more jaring.

Client thinks the page is “loading twice” because it kind of looks like it loads then unloads then loads again.

I know there are some CSS code tricks posted on the forum in the past but I don’t know if that is something we still need to do?

Before even finishing this post I was messing with the delay. It was much better when I set the delay as high as .45 seconds, but this is not ideal. The content still flashes but for some reason the gradient background loads much more quickly so the white flash is not as bad, if at all.

Is there some way to get animations to behave better for above-the-fold page load content?