Class UX Improvements

Search characters freely


  • Allow users to type characters (such as mgb) to find classes instead of having to be super specific

Arrow down to select classes

  • Use the keyboard and enter to select and add classes (without having to use the mouse to click on them)

Switch delete and remove


  • The remove option is likely to be used more so it should be at the end for easy access (delete is there right now, as we don’t’ have a selector manager)

Class/Selector Manager

  • Allow users to create folders and organise their classes

  • This would also allow moving the order in which they are outputted in the stylesheet

    • With Oxygen you’re stuck with the order you create them
  • An advanced feature would be seeing where these classes are being used:


These would be awesome improvements.


Yes! And pressing enter after typing a class name should add the class. It currently doesn’t do anything.