Cant choose same Telegram logo for social share and icon list

Under social sharing i get the right Telegram logo (not inverted, without round background) when i chose Telegram under services and leave the icon blank.

But under Icon list a CANNOT choose this logo/icon. I can choose different “paper planes” and the inverted telegram logo with the round background.

Like really, why can i get the right logo on social share but to get the same logo on icon list i have to find the right svg on the internet, mor the png edit it etc…

I cant comprehend this, sorry.

Will there be a fix for that?

Ot at least a comment?

The outcome is, that i have to use 2 different styles of icons/logos when i want to have icons for twitter and telegram on my page.

Telegram is just available as the inverted round. Twitter is available as inverted square.

Bricks should try to implement the solution from elementor for this topic. Its quite flawless and gives the designer 100% choice on how the icon should look.

Maybe its not important for most people, but since i have to put Telegram and Twitter on every page i make, its quite a big topic for me, and so far i couldnt find a solution.

Perhaps you should have raised this under Bugs instead of Feature request, maybe you’d get a reply then.
If it is a feature request then you can’t expect a “fix”. It’s just a request that may or may not get added to their workload queue.

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The social sharing element uses an SVG. The icon list element uses 4 different icon fonts, each of which interprets the social icons differently (so that they match the respective icon font).

You can find the SVG used in the social sharing element here:

So overall it’s neither a bug, nor a feature request.

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