Can we change Woocommerce messages position?

I’m wondering if we can change Woocommerce messages position? The messages are allways added to the beggining of the template.

As you can see by the screenshots below, the messages are added before the header image. I’d like to position the messages between the header image and the content of the page.

Is it possible?

Thank you,
João Neves

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I have the same question. Elementor has a widget for displaying notices so you can position them yourself. Would be awesome to have a similar option in Bricks!

Hi there,

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to change woocommerce notice position using Bricks element.

Nevertheless, you can upvote for this feature here:

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Hi, you mean upvote = like? Shouldn’t it be on the ideas page?

Yes, exactly :muscle:

You can do both :wink:
Ideas submitted via the ideas page are more likely to be validated if they are strongly upvoted here. Even if it is of course, not always the case.