Best practice for migration

I recently completed my first project with bricks builder. It’s a small artist page.
I’ve built the site on my server and transfered the whole wp-installation to the client server after the site was ready for launch. I copied all files and the database (except uploads).
The wp install works, all contents are here BUT bricks builder shows only blank pages. In the pages list in wp backend the »Page name – Bricks« is also missing. The postmeta entry in the data base contains a lot of bricks data. Somehow the connection between bricks data and wp-pages got lost.

Can anyone tell me what I miss here?

Hi Benjamin,

Hard to say what went wrong. I have never had this kind of issue before, and I’m always building/developing locally. Have you replaced all local URLs with the live URL, and is Bricks active (and the license key enabled)?

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Face the similar problem after manual migration, now using All in one plugin to migrate database and manually migrate the content files.

Thanks for your reply, timmse.

Yes, I made the bricks install active, when I tried making the site work. I don’t think that this was the problem because either way I should see Bricks-Pages marked with » – Bricks«, which I did not.

I used »Wordpress Backup & Migrate« for the transfer. Th9is toolnormally changes all urls to the new domain. After realizing that bricks didn’t work properly, I used »Better search and replace« which could not find any of my »old« urls in the database. As I don’t know how bricks saves contents in the database, I can’t rule out that there is an url problem.

My main question is, is there a best practice to transfer an existing bricks-installation from one Server to another? are there any urls saved in the postsmeta-table that could make the layouts disappear if not replaced correctly. Header and Footer template exist, but have also no content.

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Hi masoodalam51, did it work?

Yes, with one hero image issue, if hero container background is image and external css enabled in bricks > settings > performance than that image loaded from previous url. You have to delete actual css from theme directory manually and regenerate css. Then it’s works fine.


These are my (manual) steps:

  1. Upload the whole installation to the server
  2. Export the database
  3. Create a new database on the server and import the previously exported database
  4. Edit the wp-config (new database credentials)
  5. Run this script to search and replace old > new URLs in the database: Database Search and Replace Script in PHP | inter.connect
  6. log in to wp-admin, check settings (WordPress Address, Site Address), save permalinks, check Bricks settings

That’s it. Sometimes it’s not possible to login directly due to some strange redirect issues - if it doesn’t work, I follow these steps:

I’ve never used a migration tool for this task :sweat_smile:


ok, that’s really nothing special. :innocent:
I’ll check out the url replacement script.

Thanks for your help,

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Let us know if it worked.

The Search & Replace Script is top. Thanks again.
Could not test my bricks-installation yet …

Hello @benjamin , did you ever figure out the cause? I am experiencing the same problem. Thanks.

Hi Nora,

it‘s been a while now and I cant quite remember how I fixed that. I think I moved the install to another hosting service (because I had to do this anyway) and ther it worked. Sorry, I can‘t really help you here. As soon as I find out about it, I‘ll post it here.