Allow to use multiple remote templates

Ideally we’d be able to use templates from multiple URLs, not just one.


Yes, BUT only if there is a good filtering system to allow selection/restriction of multiple libraries at once :+1:


I would like to see this also. Filtering enhanced is a must.

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Would love to see this happen!

Definitely needs to happen

+1 agree. Especially with tools like maven / frames that’s important.

Totally agreed. Hopefully this will come soon enough for us. With so many third-party templating systems released in the last few months it’s become even more pressing.

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Can’t wait for this :smiley:
Multiple design sets started to appear and either import or constantly to switch between is the way to go at the moment which isn’t very convenient.

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this would make my life so easy + support the ongoing evolution of the bricks add on community. Nothing like small functional improvements that make things work more seamlessly :slight_smile:


Yes, please make this so.

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I agree, currently, I use BricksDesignSet URL for my templates, but would like to also keep the bricks default template URL and any other feature template URLS.

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Indeed, this feature will make switching templates libraries easier. For now, we just need to go to settings and change the url and password every time. It is not efficient.

Well, I won’t mention “the other” (just check my tagline), but I want to see the support for MULTIPLE templates at once please.

Even if there was a way to add what libraries we wanted and only then activate as needed

Yes, please make it happen. :grinning:

wow this is still not possible? 1.6 hopefully? :confused:

Totally makes sense. This needs more attention. :slight_smile:

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Any response from the Brx team?

It’s a feature request, not a bug report, so there’ll generally be no responses. Feature requests in the forum are similar to the ideas board.

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Yes, please make this possible. It’s a needed feature in my opinion, not a nice-to-have one. Thank you!