Www-version of bricksbuilder.io has SSL issue

Just an FYI - if a user types in https://www.bricksbuilder.io in the web browser, they will receive an SSL error. Probably best if the owners of the domain forward www to the non-www version that’s actively used.

Just a quick update… this is still an issue.

Seems to work fine for me. No errors and a secure connection to bricksbuilder.io, so already forwarding.

Hmm, I don’t believe your test was valid then as I can confirm through various third-party tools that this isn’t working.



It’s perhaps possible that this is more a security flag in Safari and not flagged in other browsers? But either way there’s a certificate name mismatch that needs to be corrected for proper compatibility.

I think this is purely a Safari issue.
I tested using Brave, Firefox, Opera and all work fine. All redirect to bricksbuilder.io and report valid certificates.
I tried Safari on an ipad and that gives the error. I don’t use Safari if I can avoid it as I’ve never found it very reliable.

Okay yes, I can confirm this is a Safari thing, however it’s being more secure than the other browsers in this case by flagging the CN certificate mismatch, just as confirmed by the Qualsys SSL test. This is still an issue that needs to be addressed server-side by Bricks to fix the certificate name mismatch which prevents that forwarding in more secure browsers like Safari and is also flagged by scanning tools like Qualsys. Basically, thanks to Safari protecting its users, we’ve discovered a misconfiguration issue on the Bricks Builder web server.