WPML Support is "next", when can we expect it?

Hi Bricks team,

I was about to give WPML a try on my Bricks website when I noticed that WPML Support has been moved to “Next” on the roadmap.

Do you maybe have an indication of when we can expect this feature?

WOW! That’s big news! I didn’t notice that one, and I think I was only looking a few days ago.

Good to see that’s on it’s way.


I am more concerned about the mega menu will it come in 2022?

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In case any devs see this bump:

If I configure WPML now with limited Bricks support, will it be easy to adapt once the full WPML compatibility of Bricks becomes available?

guess it may take some time. megamenu is in progress and was requested about 2 years ago.