WP 5.8. How to use new embed pdf and login widgets vis Bricks

How can I use these via Bricks. Is there a new widget/element? Thanks.

Hi @TonyPas,

You can use all WP 5.8 (Gutenberg) elements normally on a Bricks theme through the Gutenberg editor.

For example, you can create the layout for Posts in Bricks. Then you create a Post in Gutenberg and you have access to all Gutenberg elements and other Gutenberg capabilities.

Just so I’m clear, does that mean that I have to come out of Bricks and revert to Gutenburg and then back into Bricks to use the new pdf and login elements, i.e. they cannot be used directly from the Bricks front end?

Well, Gutenberg elements cannot be used directly inside of Bricks in general. Bricks can convert some Gutenberg elements into Bricks elements (e.g. Gutenberg heading => Bricks heading), but we have not developed an equivalent of the PDF element in Bricks.

So you’re right, the PDF element cannot be used directly from Bricks.

That being said, Bricks development is mostly guided by user’s requests, so if you need a certain element, submit it to our Idea board: Ideas – Bricks

Thanks for the clarification. Will do. T

Thanks for this really useful info

Hello all. I’ve justed looked for this info as well and I managed to add a Post Content element in the Bricsk Builder page, and then in Gutenberg via Edit Page I’ve added my PDF file via the File element that Gutenberg has. It worked perfectly.