Woocommerce Website with 99 performance on mobile and 100 on desktop


Server is using litespeed and it is the fastest website I have built.

Desktop Speed index is 0.4S

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Even though your site is scoring well in the tests, it’s taking some time to load and test is only able to capture first contentful paint!

How long is it taking for you to load?

5-6 seconds for complete load. I am not in Australia though.

OK that is long. What page?

I had only tested the homepage. Subsequents loads are faster as the files get cached. I noticed that you are using inline css. Why not change the css mode to external from Bricks Settings - Performance? That should reduce the overall css on the page.

Edit: I notice that you use litespeed for caching. I wonder why so many css files are loaded instead of one.

You are also loading jquery-migrate. Does any of your plugin need jquery-migrate to run old jquery code?

Thanks for the tips. I will try them out to see what effect they have.

I haven’t touched the settings under performance for bricks.

The header background image seems wrong, not stretched full width.
Otherwise ok.

I was running different tests on the websites that is why it may not have rendered properly.

If I can, you have to check header image that repeats horizontally and looks bad. And the cart page is not working