WooCommerce QTY buttons still broken in 1.7?

Hey Guys,

I noticed last week that WooCommerce 7.4 caused conflicts with Bricks 1.6

I am testing Bricks 1.7 and the QTY buttons still seem to be broken.

See console error below:

Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'stepUp' on 'HTMLInputElement': This form element is not steppable.
    at HTMLSpanElement.<anonymous> (https://demo.embark.studio/wp-content/themes/bricks/assets/js/integrations/woocommerce.min.js?ver=1677069279:166:19)

Any thoughts?

Just spun up a testing site and I can confirm that Bricks 1.7 and WooCommerce 7.4 is still facing an issue,

I was hopeful considering the changelog said:

Updated for WooCommerce 7.4 (cart template, quantity input)


Important changes:

WooCommerce 7.4 Released
Restore pre-7.2.0 quantity selector behavior by barryhughes · Pull Request #36460 · woocommerce/woocommerce · GitHub