WooCommerce Product "New" Label

As described here (WooCommerce Builder – Bricks Academy), there is the “new” label.

I do not work with the Bricks Products element and would like to use the label. For the “Sale” label this is possible with {woo_product_on_sale}. How can I use the “New” label?

I believe this is not currently possible outside of the products element. However, this is rather easily done with a few lines of code: WooCommerce: Display "New!" Badge on Recent Products

To use the “New” label in Bricks without the Bricks Products element, you need to add a custom field or tag to mark products as new. Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct shortcode like {woo_product_on_sale} for the “New” label, so you’ll need to implement custom code or use a plugin that supports this feature.

Thank you. I thought that you might be able to access the Bricks function directly. Then you could write your own script and specify the duration in the Bricks settings. Do you understand what I mean?

@timmse Is there a way to access the function that Bricks uses?

I have now solved it with my own function. But I don’t think it’s good to have an extra function, even though this function already exists.