WooCommerce: add second description in product category pages

I’ve been trying for a while to display two descriptions in WooCommerce categories: the first introductory one before the product loop and the second more meaty one just after the loop.

I used the snippet artfully created by Rodolfo Melogli: WooCommerce: Add Second Description @ Product Category Pages

To display the two descriptions in the different product category pages, i created a WooCommerce - Product archive template.
Before the product list (manageable with the Products component), i inserted Products archive description (to display the first category).
Now i was missing the display of the second description.
And here was born the problem that… i couldn’t figure out how to solve.

I added Rich Text after product list with:
(I used the name of the function found in the code shared in the link above).

And… finally when i open a WooCommerce product category I get my nice two descriptions, before and after the product loop.

If there are more elegant solutions, please feel free to suggest.
I always enjoy learning something new! :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

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Hi Mian,
Thanks for sharing this tip with us! Keep it up!

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