WIP: WooCommerce Product Gallery doesn't work in (Ajax) Popup

Browser: Chrome 110
URL: Shop – FID Racing (skipdns.link)
Video: Jam

I created a quick view button in products page. The issues with it:

  1. With “fetch content via AJAX” turned on, products gallery in popup will not show

  2. With “fetch content via AJAX” turned off, products gallery will show, but the thumbnails slider doesn’t work. Clicking the thumbnails doesn’t shift picture.

  3. Product Gallery in Quick View Popup will be blank when the products are loaded through load more, infinite scroll or filter. It works via products pagination elmement

Another question is about the variation product in the quick view popup. It showed “select options”. Is there a way to show the options just like in the product page? So the customer doesn’t need to open the product page to finish the add to cart action.

Appreciate help

Thanks so much for your report!

  1. I reproduced the issue and added it to our bug tracker.
  2. You must add arrow to slide the thumbs.
  3. Looks like it’s the same issue as 1.

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Another issue report in the shop page (which I’ve told Jenn). The some of the changes made in quick view popup template would not sync immediately in the shop page. I have to re-assign the popup template in the “template” element and “save” to see the change.

This is my first project in Bricks. I am getting familiar. I compared the output in the browse with my other projects. It has less requests and small page size. It also endows much better design flexibility for project. The best one :+1::+1::+1: