[WIP] Wish for first level communication

Thanks so much for bringing this up. Could you please share the links of the forum post that haven’t received the required communication? Then I can look at those as well and update them accordingly.

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This one: WIP: Simultaneous CSS Editing

Web agencies can’t work with Bricks Builder at the moment, it’s really need to be adressed in the next update please, everyone who is working with multiple users (not even on the same Bricks page) are losing hours and hours of work because Bricks can’t handle multi-users properly.


Hey Thomas,

thank you for your response, I appreciate it!.

To be honest, the main thread was the one with Builder Lag, that I already mentioned before. But soon after I posted, we got a response there - so that is good :slight_smile: (Another thread about lag)

The other one, that got mentioned many times in Discord is simultaneous editing, for example this one. - and I know its still a bug, because it happened to me not long ago :slight_smile:

Those two are the ones that get mentioned the most. At least those two I know from top of my mind.

And again, thank you for your response Thomas!

EDIT: Ah, I see Adrien beat me for just few minutes. :slight_smile:


Another vote for improving communications. I really enjoyed posts from the early days posts which were frequent and a bit chatty. It created the sense that Thomas was part of the community, and the community knew where the product was going.


It’s true, Bricks feels close to us.

But honestly, I feel the opposite regarding responses/chat. I don’t understand how is it possible for Thomas or other top developers to keep up with all questions.

Bricks is growing every day. Imagine thousands of questions being asked.

It’s quite impressive what they do already.

I think their top priority should be to keep the tool working well and keep improving it.
It’s a flexible and sensible thing that borderline between growing and keeping everybody happy, I suppose.

They probably have a filtering way of picking the right questions to improve the tool and leave for later less decisive ones.

And probably there are some delicate phases (like the late security one) where they can’t answer so much. It’s a team of just a certain number off hands.

Maybe there are times where less new things give room for more replies.

Sometimes a tool can just be something that works very well the few, essential, things.

I think the team is phenomenal and try, always, to do their best.