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Hi there,

We did some testing locally and have observed that two people cannot work on the same project at the same time. This observed from when one’s CSS diverges from another, where the LAST user to perform a bricks save overwrites ALL the CSS acrrued to their local save-point.

Is there a means of version control, merge conflict handling and/or simulataneous editing?

This would really be essential for our production studio to be more efficient with website turnaround delivery.

Please advise.
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Hi @JonnyW,

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I saw that Jenn already replied to you via email but I’ll reshare the response here in case others have the same question:

Editing classes at the same time is a known issue and it’s on our list of things to fix. Right now, when you change a class and save it in the builder, it overwrites all the global class data. We’re working on making it so that only the classes that you actually change will get updated in the database. I can’t say for sure when this will be ready. For the time being, the best thing to do is to avoid editing classes at the same time.


@charaf does this include really ALL of the css? (i.e. the custom css, and all of the classes that are created everywhere? If that is so, it is quite insane and now I understand all the disappearing work I experience from time to time. I do some work on the custom CSS and then in a different tab I make a tiny change in a class, and that’s it. Shit happens.
Seems to me this is a pretty bad behavior.
BTW, does it include CSS declared in the child theme as well? (I guess not?)

@chanart I’m totally with you! this it affects any changes made to global classes (not all CSS). But still, it’s not a great experience. Child theme & any custom CSS not added to a global class are unrelated btw.

Oh yikes, I just ran into this issue the other day (1.9.5). I thought it was a fluke when my classes and styles disappeared. This is a huge bottleneck for our workflow. I can’t imagine that it’s an easy fix, but hopefully it can be addressed very soon, since this was reported back in 1.7.3?

Hello we also noticed that in the last website builds and could not figure out why that is. Glad I found this thread and other people can confirm!

We work on dev-sites in collab all the time, so this is a huge problem for us.

Any estimation, when this gets resolved @charaf? Not sure if we can hold our project-deadlines if working in Collab is not possible at the moment.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide any ETA for this task

I was creating a demo page the other day full of animations and was working on it 16 hours straight without sleep. I needed to sent it at noon. While I was working I was logged in both through Chrome & Firefox Developer edition and had several tabs open with cloned pages (for testing).

To cut a short story long when I was typing the email at 10 o’ clock in the morning ready to send the link to the client I do a final check on the page and to my dismay everything was messed up!!!

I dig into it and several custom CSS classes were gone! I copied them back again from the selectors in Bricksforge panel (all was still there) but they were missing from bricks - created again and had to restyle!

It took an hour and then happened one more time before I realized that closing all tabs and only working on one page with custom classes was probably the solution.

This thread confirms that and at least we know what is causing this.

I was excited about using Bricks with my team, but unfortunately, it appears that some team members encountered similar issues. Some of the CSS classes they created vanished along with all their styling… Is this issue still being addressed?

Or what is the specific workflow we need to follow to avoid this?
Our team members are working together within Bricks editor but on different pages for information.

Please tell me that it’s something close to come in the next Bricks update?
It’s been 3 months since your message on this.

Any news? This happened to me also and I lost recent html changes and classes that I created.

Same issues here. I hope something can be done with it (different global css files for editors and some merge mechanism in global class manager?).

Same issue here as well. Not sure about a workaround yet - copying the server and work on two sites simultaneously also does not work for us.

Same issue here. Classes get lost when two people working on the same site.
Person 1 worked on header-template.
Person 2 on a page.
In my case (working on the page) I used an ACSS-template from the library and after some time ( can’t exactly tell when or why) the classes on the inserted template just got removed. This happened 2 times in a row.
Version Bricks . This is a serious workflow-killer. Please put attention to this!

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I brought on board two individuals to collaborate on a Bricks website, but a significant amount of time was wasted dealing with the aftermath of Bricks’ actions (such as the disappearance of classes).

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@charaf are there any news regarding this issue? The last website launch was really painful, cause we could not work with 2 people on the site.

There is a big project coming up, and I need to know if I can use Bricks for this.

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We’re actively working on this atm


What’s the progress on this @charaf? It’s been 1 month since you’re working on it.

Thank you for keeping us informed.

You probably already read the response from Thomas but just sharing it here for others :slight_smile: :

“We are working on this one and had some new logic planned for 1.9.8. But it’s not yet what we envision, so we had to scratch it at the last minute. We might do a dedicated post about it to collect some more user input, as there are so many ways to tackle it.”

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Please consult Kevin Geary :+1:We have chatted about this in his ecosystem and contacting him will save you a lot of time.

Cheers :clinking_glasses: