WIP: Why is there no interaction indicator when added to class?

When you add an interaction at the ID level, the structure panel shows an indicator that the element has an interaction. But when you add the interaction at the class level, there is no indicator. Is this a bug?

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Hi @ainom,

As far as I’m concerned, classes are not intended to be pointed with JavaScript and you will need to stick with IDs for that.

Is there any particular reason you want to use a class?

Are you a representative of the Bricks team?

I’m just asking if this is the the official position of Bricks Builder: that interactions at the class level is not supported (because I’ve been told in the past that it is supported).

Interactions on the class level are supported as mentioned in the Academy: https://academy.bricksbuilder.io/article/interactions/

The reason why we don’t display the “Interactions” icon in the structure panel for the class-based interactions is purely from a performance perspective.

I have added this to our bug tracker so we can re-visit this topic. We’ll update this post once we got some news.