WIP: The LOGO element does not display the image properly

Browser: Chrome 110
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Can the LOGO element use dynamic data to call the ACF image field? I remember it was possible before.

Hi wildworm,
Thanks so much for your report, but what is the bug?

As far as I know, you could never use dynamic data for the image in the logo element. But it’s not a problem, because you can just use the image element instead :thinking:

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Well, I know it’s okay to use picture elements. But I’m sure that the image of the logo element can be used with dynamic data before, which should not be an illusion.

Thank you.

Then show me and tell me with which version :slight_smile:

Yes, Version 1.5 has dynamic data, logo element.


Aaaaah I see! Sorry, you are absolutely right :slight_smile: Sometime in the last x versions it got lost (actually hidden, because it’s still there if you inspect the code) :smiley:

Yes, I’m glad you confirmed this issue. In fact, the question I want to ask is that the dynamic data function of the image field on the LOGO element does not work properly.