WIP: Render dynamic data text on canvas - text error on first item in query loop

In a query loop the first post item displays paragraphs incorrectly in preview and in builder. Paragraphs run together. Displays fine in front end.

It is only occurring in the first item in the loop.

Happens using rich text and basic text, when “Render dynamic data text on canvas” is enabled.

Version using Chrome and Firefox.

Thanks so much for your report!

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue. Can you provide me with the loop template as a JSON file so that I can take a closer look?

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Thank you! Will do, but how do I get that data?

This happened on a second website on different web host too.

Is there another setting besides “Render Dynamic data text on canvas” that needs to be activated?

timmse, just realized your sample wasn’t using dynamic data, which is what I’m using.
Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Heres screenie: (Note, text changes to {post_content} when highlighted, but when click off it, the paragraphs run together like in original screengrab above.)

I tested both before replying and still can’t reproduce it.

Right-click in the Structure panel on the section where the loop is located and select “save as template”. Add a name, choose section as type, and save. After that, you can export the template, put it in Google Drive, Dropbox, or similar, and share the link.

Thanks timmse! Heres link: https://file.io/sV2Wg2fj0hQu

Thanks for the template! I’m not sure why it worked for me, however I can now understand the problem and have added it to the bug tracker.