WIP: Rank Math missing alt attributes and meta descriptions on Bricks content

Hi, I’m having problems activating this feature in Rank math seo.

The ALT tag comes out empty, I tested it with Elementor and it works, could you confirm if this is a bug with bricks?

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Hello @iFront

We don’t know how the Rank Math SEO adds the missing ALT attribute. Bricks uses the wp_get_attachment_image() to render the image in the frontend. I expect Rank Math logic to hook in the wp_get_attachment_image_attributes filter (as a possible way) and add the ALT attribute if it is missing.

Thanks for the reply, the suggestion is to contact rank math support and tell them this very thing?


Hello @iFront

Yes, since it is an option from the Rank Math plugin, they should support the native WordPress functions.

Hello @luistinygod

I contacted Rank math SEO support and they told me the following:

I checked your website and found that the Bricks builder does not currently support Rank Math. Please contact Bricks support and ask them to add the Rank Math Content Analysis API to their theme: Rank Math Content Analysis API for Theme & Plugin Developers. The content analysis API allows Rank Math to access and accurately manipulate content generated by themes/page builders.

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I have also found that RankMath doesn’t seem to be able to auto-generate meta descriptions based ob Bricks content.

This is e.g. working with Elementor …

Hello @iFront,

Thank you for your reply.

Ok, unfortunately, Rank Math opted to have its own API where they should support the native WordPress functions like the one mentioned.

Bricks has already some degree of integration with Rank Math (Changelog – Bricks) and we’ll continue to develop this integration: I added the missing Alt image feature to our development backlog.

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Perfect. Could you please also double check the auto-generate issue with meta descriptions. as mentioned above as soon as you work on deeper RankMath integration?

This is extremely helpful for quick and dirty seo optimization with minimum seo requirements. It’s better than nothing :slight_smile:

Yes, I of course know that Google often decides on its own if those meta description are shown in serps or not.

Helloy @luistinygod

Thanks for your answer, I hope you can implement it in a short period, Rank math is the most popular SEO plugin and is used in most of the websites, greetings.