WIP: Image Caption breaks image layout

Bricks Version: 1.4 RC
Browser: Chrome
OS: Windows
URL of good behaviour (1.4 beta): https://infoimpresa.info
URL of bad behaviour (1.4 RC): Try Bricks – t3f7f535 – Just another Try Bricks site

I created a query loop in a container. This container has a max-width of 50% and has two other containers with max-width 25% on the sides (like sidebars). As you can see from the linked URLs on the 1.4 beta version the image is fine, even with the caption of the image inserted. In the 1.4 RC the image (in the url is the first one) with the caption goes crazy on the page and exceed the borders of the central container, ruining all the layout

Hi Giovanni,
Thanks so much for your report!

We already have a report about the issue, but it is already fixed within my dev version.

Best regards,

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@giovannicastellotti Are you still getting the issue?

Solved in version 1.4 RC2 on my end

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