WIP: Image and Gallery not showing ACF-extended User images

Bricks Version: 1.3.7
Browser: Chrome 100
OS: Win
URL: (not really worth it as you’d need a user account - Happy to give you admin access @timmse )

I’ve created additional fields for WP user profiles - (Using ACF Pro) - including an Image and Gallery.

Using the great Frontend Admin plugin I’ve added the graphics for both fields to the user profile and I can view them in the WP backend, so I know the images are correctly stored.

The issue occurs when I use the Bricks Image and Gallery Widgets. They just won’t show the images.

For the Image widget, nothing is shown. For the Gallery, random images are pulled from Unsplash. All of the other fields, including other ACF field extensions display just fine.

For testing I’ve displayed the values of the variables - eg wp_user_meta:large_image shows the correct number for the image and wp_user_meta:image_gallery shows the two image number values - all fine.

I’ve tried altering the ACF Return Format settings of the Image between Image Array/Image URL/Image ID in an attempt to get them to display, but still nothing shows.

Is there a bug, or am I missing something incredibly obvious?

I’d really appreciate guidance on this as it’s central to the project.

Hi flimflam,
I tried to recreate the issue - assuming I have understood everything correctly - if not, let me know.

Showing the image works for me in 1.4beta, the image gallery shows random unsplash images inside my author template, but works on the front end :thinking:

Video: https://vimeo.com/702969146/30f0a73127

Best regards,

Thanks for taking the time to go through that @timmse appreciated.

I’d been using v1.3.7 - I’ve put 1.4beta on it after seeing you use it.

I think the big thing had been finding out that the images appear when looked at using the front end (assigning it to author pages in this case).

A great step forward.

I’ll now go through the lot of it again tomorrow.

I’m getting the same issue with the Image widget in another Template now (v1.4beta) - it just won’t show the image.

The Image widget not working is becoming (already is?) a major issue as the site I’ve decided to build in Brick is, like many Websites, pretty visual.

I’m finding myself spending many hours trying to get it working to no avail, so a big drain on development time and it’s becoming quite disheartening.

(Can you let me know what ‘WAIT’ means in the forum title please - Is it, wait while we work out how to fix it? I guess I’m asking for a guide as to how long until there’s a fix)


Hi flimflam,
WAIT means: we’re not working on it right now because we are not able to reproduce the (main) issue.

And as far as I can see it on your site (thanks for the credentials), my ACF Frontend Admin User Image and the Gallery are showing on frontend as expected :thinking:

I think all the confusion comes primarily from mixing ACF and Frontend Admin or trying to use the same field (large_image) even though they are two different fields.

I’ve added the Gallery Image issue to our bug tracker and asked Luis to take a look at your site as well.

Best regards,

FYI FrontEnd Admin provides ACF itself, so you don’t need to have the ACF plugin installed. I’ve no idea how the two would co-exist.
Also if you already have an ACF Pro license then FrontEnd Admin offer a free exchange for their Pro version.

The same developer also has a plugin called ACF Frontend which was designed to work alongside ACF. ( ACF Frontend – Add and edit posts, pages, users and more all from the frontend – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org ) So maybe a better option if you need to have ACF itself installed. Basically Frontend Admin took that functionality and rolled in all the required extras ( acf ) so that it becomes a stand alone plugin. Somewhere along the line the link to Elementor was also removed.

Confused yet?


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You have already helped me a lot, thanks Alan!
I have never used Frontend Admin before and was actually confused when I saw the same field twice in the database - until it clicked :smiley:

What may also make a difference: User and Author are not necessarily the same/identical :thinking:

Oh my goodness @alanj / @timmse - What a confusing pickle!

@alanj I love how out-of-the-box powerful Frontend Admin plugin is, but I can see zero mention of this ‘Not if you’ve already got ACF installed’ on their page - so great to have that tip from you.

On your @alanj’s advice I’ll try the ACF Frontend plugin in its place (Wordpress plugin page and Website look near identical to Frontend Admin plugin :confused:) and let you both know how I get on.

In with that confusion above is the offer. I had in my mind something similar to what you’ve said, but looking at their Website it actually says:

"If you are an ACF Frontend Pro user, we would be happy to give you a Frontend Admin Pro license at no additional cost. "

First step has gone incredibly well.

I’d been worried that the (quite complex) form that I’d created in the Frontend Admin plugin would have to be all re-entered in the ACF Frontend plugin.

Great news! I just added the ACF Frontend plugin and deactivated the other version - and guess what? The whole data structure of the form, etc was there - no problem.

(I guess they share the same data structure)

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