[WIP] How shall I add the custom Tag?

I am making a custom nestable tag. I am using this vue code

<bricks-element-children :element="element"/>

It is adding all child elements. I want to wrap every child element with “th” tag. How shall I add it?

What are the names of those child elements? Are those nestable elements too (e.g. section, container, block, div)? If you could provide the full PHP code for this custom element, that’d be best. Thank you.

The user will use any child elements from the native Bricks builder. I just made a nestable wrapper element. My structure is like this

Screenshot 2023-04-08 at 11.01.28 AM

Here Table Heading is my custom nestable element

I tried this code

<bricks-element-children :element="element" :tag="th"/>

but not working. There are any other params except :element.