WIP: Deleting classes in class manager don't get deleted unless you press save afterwards

Browser: Any
OS: macOS

  1. Create a class that you can delete
  2. In the global class manager, select the class and then delete it. The green success pop-up appears stating the class has been deleted.
  3. Close the global class manager
  4. Refresh the browser.
  5. Open the class manager again and search for the deleted class. It is still there.

It seems you have to press the save button after deleting a class for it to be completely deleted. This is not intuitive anyway and also you don’t know you have to press save as you have been presented with the deletion success message.

Hi Simon,
Thanks so much for your report!

Normally, you should get the following message before the tab reloads (visually different but identical in content), as you are used to from the Builder when you do not save.

Is that not the case for you?

Nevertheless, I agree that the success message can be confusing in this form. So I’d see this as a suggestion for improvement rather than a bug.

Best regards,

Hi timmse,

No I don’t get that exact message when i’m using Safari. I get
Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 15.16.58
So nothing about unsaved changes.
I see the same issue also applies when deleting a class via an element’s class field. You get the deleted success message but still need to save. This is definitely confusing so I’ll raise it as a feature request.

Hi Simon,
The messages are browser-native, i.e., each browser interprets them slightly differently, although Chrome and Firefox are smart enough to indicate unsaved changes - unlike Safari. However, I couldn’t tell from your report that you use Safari.

I have added the improvement suggestion regarding the classes „success message" to our ToDo list and moved the post to the correct category.