WIP: Container as link breaks Loop Layout

Bricks Version: 1.3.7-beta
Browser: Chrome 96.x
OS: Windows
URL: -

When using a container in the loop query builder, if you attempt to change the HTML tag to ‘a’ to be able to link the container itself. It distorts the flex layout and drops the content within the container.

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Are there any items inside the container that have a link? If so, you will need to unlink them.

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@zestjosh Opps forgot to do that(only had the header tagged as A), but still does the same thing.

I even tried to just stage the 2 internal containers inside the loop container and they act funky as well by resizing odd shapes similar to doing it to the loop container.

Could you share a link? I’m unable to replicate the issue on my end.

Hi Lyle,

sorry for the late reply. I was able to reproduce the problem and added it to our bug tracker.

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I had my layout break when I had a link inside my linked outer wrapper:

For example: A wrapper with link and a linked text.

I asked the team to remove the link options if this happens, but they said it’ll be difficult.

Hi Dean,

Yes, it is difficult to remove and as for the html5 specs, forbidden anyway.

The a element can be wrapped around entire paragraphs, lists, tables, and so forth, even entire sections, so long as there is no interactive content within (e.g., buttons or other links).