WIP: Background with overlay

Bricks Version: 1.4RC2

This is an unfortunate bug that seems to have crept in with the RC2, as it was working before.

I have a section with a background image and a gradient overlay. It looks fine in the builder. On the front end, the background image is missing—only the overlay appears.

Background is set to the post featured image:


The problem seems to be caused by the overlay and background specified for the same ID but in different locations in the stylesheet, so one is overriding the other:

Hi Eric,
Thanks so much for your report!

We already have several reports about overlay issues on our list: Search results for ‘overlay order:latest’ - Bricks Community Forum

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Hey @ainom ,
on which page and in which section does the error occur? Also on pogo.infi… ?

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I confirm the issue with featured image and it seems to be an external CSS problem because it is ok with inline CSS:


(Everything is OK with manual images.)

@timmse I can’t recall which project that problem was encountered with (but it wasn’t pogo). I had to employ a workaround (created an 100%width/100% height absolutely positioned DIV for the overlay effect) so you couldn’t even see the problem there anyway.

I can say that I WAS using external CSS files.

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Hi guys,
thanks for the feedback. We will most likely switch back to the RC1 variant for the overlays anyway (using ::before), so the problem should fix itself. The idea with the gradient and the image together was good in approach, but quickly reaches its limits - and does not work in all cases - which is why we currently have so many overlay reports.