[WIP] All Custom Classes Removed

Version 1.5.7

I just lost all custom classes. I was editing a page and clicked the Edit Header to open in a new tab. I made a change to the height of the header, saved and then all custom classes were completely removed site-wide. This is going to take hours to unravel. I had quite a few classes that will need to be added back to every element on every page…

This looks like an issue that has been encountered before. Still no fix?


Hi Franklin,
Thanks so much for your report!

Unfortunately, We cannot reproduce the issue. If no one can provide us with a step-by-step on how to reproduce the issue 5 times in a row, we have no starting point for debugging.

Best regards,

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But is there a possibility to backup the page with all the classes and when restoring, all classes are restored top? Just wondering in case if the classes would disappear, that never happened to me.

Just so I understand. I need to get the same bug to happen at least 5 times and record how the bug was achieved for those 5 times to help you debug? I read what seemed to be a similar bug in older posts, so I felt like it was a good idea to state I’m experiencing a similar issue with the most recent release.

Btw, love this builder. Please continue to keep it lean and mean. : )

@franklin I’m not part of support team but to me this sounds like the bricks_global_classes row in wp_options table became corrupted. When you are experiencing this issue, is there any chance that you could try pasting the option_value of that row into unserialize.com to see if it can be unserialized?

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The key message is (and this applies to every issue): we need a way to reproduce it permanently :face_with_raised_eyebrow: @franklin

@timmse What Franklin is saying is that it seems from your messages you will be content and passive, doing absolutely nothing about this major, critical bug that seems to be occurring to (obviously) many different people (including being caught on the popular Kevin’s tutorial video) - until US, your users, find a way for you to get to the job.

I personally adore Bricks and have been vocal advocate of it everywhere, especially admiring the team behind it and it’s approach to everything, but this is really faith-shattering.

This bug alone should be alarming instant red alert for everyone in team, you should urgently devote your time and resources to hunt down this bug and fix it, instead of calmly saying “until you guys give us a step by step instructions, we will do nothing about this ourselves”.


This just happened to me! I’m on Bricks 1.5.7 and suddenly everything I built looks like garbage. ALL of my classes are gone! Even the revisions don’t have classes. This happened after I clicked the “undo” button 2 or 3 times. Suddenly everything was wonky. Is there a way to recover them? @franklin Did you figure it out?

For reference, I have only done two things on my site today. I disabled auto-save because I’m tired of constantly seeing the pop up “There is an autosave more recent than the version you are currently viewing.” (even though it still shows up after disabling). The other thing I did was edit a template, then click undo 2 or 3 times. Then bam, everything looked messed up. Redo didn’t help. Also, when I click on the field to enter a class, it won’t let me into the field. Something pops up then disappears. Screen Recording 11-15-2022...

Update I deactivated and reactivated ACSS and now I can type in the class box again and see the classes that are available. However, I still have to go and manually re-apply all my classes to each element.


Hi everyone :wave:

Thank you so much for reporting this issue, @franklin. Can everyone who is experiencing this issue at the moment, please email us some temporary login details to the affected site so we can try to debug it? Plus a link to this forum post.

As @timmse said, we do investigate this issue, but we could not replicate it locally ourselves yet.

The more details we have about the exact steps that occurred right before the classes went missing, the faster the debugging will be.

Hi @Thomas, I appreciate your response. Unfortunately, I don’t have login details available. My issue occurred in a local environment.

To build on what MikeX3 stated. The undo button has been a “use at your own risk” option since I started using bricks. I’ve had several times where I’ve undone just once, and it will rewind 10 or more steps with no way to redo back to the previous original state.

I’m currently using Chrome 107.0.5304.110 to develop if that helps. This build has five additional plugins installed (all latest versions)- Code Snippets, Duplicator Pro, Enable Media Replace, WooCommerce, and Woo Commerce Bookings.

I understand these hunts for errors can be exhausting due to the number of variables and environments. Thanks again for your help, and let me know if any more details are required.

same issue today.

I have made a minor change in a page and all my classes are disappeared !

it happened during the last revision a few minutes before the scheduled launch time of the site! it was a tragedy. We are still rebuilding all classes one by one :sob:
(Restarting from the backup meant losing all content changes made “on the fly” with the client, which would have been much worse)

(Bricks Version: 1.5.7 - Litespeed - Metabox AIO)

Mike I just got same bug on my site and destroy everything. Are you able to recover your work before it get lost?

No… and I’ve stopped using Bricks until this bug is resolved. I can’t risk it happening again.

I think you’ve got the right idea. Just take a break, come back later.

@MikeX3 or @arvicki or @lapocerchiai If any of you guys still need help, maybe @zestjosh can give you a hand. It sounds like he has a potential way of getting your classes back.

And as an aside, I think it’s unfair that people come to the forum demanding that Bricks work and function like a professional tool when it’s very clear that it’s not yet. (No offence Bricks team. :wink: )

Thomas very clearly states when you go to purchase Bricks that:

No early software is perfect. So we’ll keep this lifetime offer and your refund options open until we’ve implemented enough initial feedback that we feel it’s a solid solution for professional users.

I think to expect a perfectly running machine at this point is just a pipe dream. I understand that people are using it in production; but really we should understand that at the end of the day, we are responsible for resolving issues on projects that we build with Bricks.

The refund policy is there, feel free to cut your losses and back out if you feel it doesn’t meet your needs. I’m in it for the long haul! :slight_smile:

P.S. When I say “you”, just know that I am not talking about MikeX3, but all of us as a collection of Bricks users.

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Bricks team said they are fixed this issue in 1.6.2, but it comes to ambiguous because what they said are fix the “back button remove class” issue and not “clear all classes” issue which totally different. All we experienced are 95% suddenly disappear and the rest become “. undefined”. This is really2 dangerous bug alongside with builder lag. Hope this got fixed and clarified soon :frowning:

Thanks @cmstew, I already recreated all the lost classes, but I keep in mind if it happens again in the future

Have a nice day !

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For me it happend with a tamplate, I had a tamplate and it just disappeared like it never was there. I had to rebuild yje whole template