WIP: Adding more templates / wireframes in community templates

I wonder if the Bricks team has plans to improve the community templates area soon, as this is something that (IMO) Breakdance Builder has surpassed Bricks in with how many great examples in their free template repository exists for users, including some great wireframe ones that’d be super nice to have baked into Bricks. I know third-party tools exist (I’m a member of two of them to support them), but IMO at least one of the areas Bricks needs to improve is the community library of templates that are linked by default as it makes using Bricks Builder much easier for newer members as well which will improved the onboarding / acquiring of new customers.


It needs ability for the community to contribute to the global templates list. Also organize competition of sorts to get the community involved.

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Following rhis and i totally agree.
You can’t offer a website builder without templates.

As a freelancer with limited time sometimes (or too many projects on the go), the appeal of well-designed templates to start from and further customize cannot be understated. It’s a huge time saver, and since “time is money” as they say, it can be worthwhile. I hope this can be something prioritized within Bricks to compete with Breakdance and others for example who have a ton of great templates to start from all included in their product.

Hey guys,

We agree with the currently pretty limited selection of pre-designed templates. Now that the menu builder is finally in Bricks core, we do have plans to provide more templates for the new menu builder, but also other template types. Most likely in the form of wireframes templates.

@nirose I do like the idea of a competition to get the community involved here as well :slight_smile: Do you have any specific ideas on how to make this happen?


I’m extremely happy to hear that as that’s honestly been one of the few reasons I keep entertaining the idea of using Breakdance Builder as the “daily driver” for projects because it seems like it would save a lot of time when trying to get a project started. If Bricks can match or at least get close in the number of templates they have, it’d be perfect. Wireframes are honestly the most important part of that IMO, so I’m happy to hear that’ll be considered with it. :smiley:

I’m not sure if you’ve explored their product too much (wouldn’t expect you to, lol) but one of the things I actually really like about their templates is they have a set of templates for every element so that you can see a bunch of great examples of using the icon list or different heading styles or navigation menus or tabs or post loops for example. Then of course a number of templates for headers and footers too which is also very helpful. It really shows off the capabilities well apart from giving a great set of examples users can learn from, and I think it’d be an amazing addition to Bricks for many reasons. Excited to see what comes next with templates. :grinning:


Hi Thomas. Just wanted to see if there’s any ETA on when you may be incorporating some wireframing examples and things like that with some inspiration perhaps from how Breakdance does it. I know other libraries are available but definitely would be really nice to have some of this just built straight in coming from the Bricks Builder team themselves.

I alluded to this point in my other post as well that Bricks is lacking in providing essential resources in the form of a well stacked design library.

To illustrate the point with a different perspective, think about it like every pagebuilder is throwing a party, and people have to decide whose party they go to.

Elementor is like the cool kid, not very nerdy, but cool, whose house you go to for a party.
Everything is dazzling and colorful, and the place has a hip vibe.
Water (Wireframes), Soft Drinks (Premium templates), and Side Dishes (pre-built Elements) are on the house.

Bricks is like the nerd friend, but who is poor and whose house you go to for a party.
Forget about soft drinks and side dishes, even water (wireframes) is available for a charge from add-on developers.

Whose party is more fun to go to?
Elementor or Bricks?

The bar Bricks has to set for add-on developers should be that If add-on developers want to make money from the customers of Bricks then they can only sell cocktails (Exotic pre-built elements, well-designed interactive templates with in-built complex CSS and JS functionalities, etc)
Water (Wireframes), Soft Drinks (Premium templates), and Side Dishes (pre-built Elements) should be provided on the house by Bricks themselves.

Let Bricks cater to nerds who want to build every element on a granular level, and also people who want to put up a website with little fuss using pre-built elements and templates designed in-house by Bricks.

Let Bricks be the nerd who is technically competent and also the cool kid who throws a fab party.
Then more people would come, join the party, and enjoy their association with Bricks.
It would be a fab party.