WIP: Accordion (nestable) icon on expanded

Bricks Version: 1.5

In the non-nestable accordion you can choose an icon for expanded element (arrow down)

in the new nestable you can only have one icon.


Hello @creatiwdk

Thank you for your post.

We are aware of this limitation. We are still testing what would be the best approach to provide a configurable expanded icon in the Accordion nestable element.

Stay tuned!


I am waiting also for that.


Thanks to Maxime Beguins’ start I set this up as follows.

  1. Add a custom classname to the accordion (in my example: ms-faq)

And use this CSS:

.ms-faq .brx-open .brxe-icon {
transform: rotate(90deg);

.ms-faq .brxe-icon {
transition: 200ms transform ease-in-out;

Note: Used a class for specificity rule since I don’t know if these classes are used elsewhere.
Credits to Maxime.

Limitation: This rotates the original icon. If you want to swap it for a different one, that won’t work with this code.

You can add colors / backgrounds etc. with this as well,

.ms-faq .brx-open .brxe-icon {
transform: rotate(90deg);
color: red;
background: yellow; etc.

.ms-faq .brxe-icon {
transition: 200ms transform ease-in-out;



Any news here for a native support? :slight_smile:

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@timmse sent me a template how you can achieve to have a closing icon! if someone is still interested, here you go: Dropbox - template-accordion-nestable-icons-2023-08-07.json - Simplify your life

easy way !!

add 2 icons and add class: icon-1 , icon-2

add custom style to Accordion (Nestable)

%root% .icon-2 {display:none}
%root% .brx-open .icon-2 {display:inline-block}
%root% .brx-open .icon-1 {display:none}

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I’m surprised to find that this isn’t a native feature in the element already, so I’m hoping his gets added soon. This has my vote. :slight_smile:

FYI, there is a Bricks Labs article that can help with this too: Bricks Accordion (Nestable) Element's Icons - BricksLabs

Yea - i dunno why this small thing is hardcoded… I’ve used the transform approach on a bunch of sites, but it’s not the best since the brxe-open state is added when the item is opened fully so any transistion to the icon is done with a 200ms delay and gives the impression of a “lag”.


Any news on this WIP… ?

It’s about 2 years now!
I had the same issue and I was searching the forum only to find several threads on this topic.

@thomas @timmse