WIP: 1.4RC2: Section templates width is broken

Bricks Version: 1.4RC2

Since 1.4RC2, all my section templates widths changed to my root container’s width (1280px), breaking the design.
In 1.4RC, those sections templates were full width.

The problem is now I have to edit all templates using this section template to manually set it to 100% width, this is not acceptable.

Section templates should be 100% width by default.

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This seems to be caused by 100% width getting removed from [class*=brxe-] change from RC1 to RC2.

In my site I had to add these to fix:

.brxe-post-comments {
    align-self: stretch;

Is it a bug or decision?

@yankiara Thanks so much for reporting this issue. According to the setup it looks like the .root class on the container inside the Template element is the culprit. What we can do is to ensure the root container inside the Template element always get a width of 100%.

@Sridhar Yep, a few elements are missing the width: 100%. We’ll add it for Template, Shortcode, Code, Post Content, Post Comments. If you spot any other elements, please let me know.

I’d not recommend using align-self: stretch on individual elements as it’ll precede any align-items rules set on the parent container.

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For me, it is .brxe-template which requires width: 100%, not the root container inside.
Root container already has 100% width: