Remove template element container on frontend (.brxe-template)


Is it possible to remove the .brxe-template container that encapsulates the actual template on frontend?
I understand the builder can need a container, but once the template itself is recalled and rendered as html, I don’t see the use of it on frontend.

It adds complexity to CSS, especially inside grids (for alignments).

I think it would help a bit root logic as well when recalled as top level section.



I would love to see this.

How does one get an element with a class of brxe-template on the front end?

Can you share the steps?

Use the native template element inside Bricks and call for any template.

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aah IC. Good request.

I don’t understand in the first place why it needs to be wrapped in a div. It kills my layout everytime, for example, when I have a card as template which I want to repeat.

ALSO it would be great to be able to use the query loop with the template. This way I could adjust the query for the card but have just ONE place to edit it.

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I’ll love to see this element container removed, any news or trick to remove it?
I am working on a website where I am using a lot of templates.

I remember this bugging me a few days ago and the solution is quiet simple.

First remove the original template element.

add_filter( 'bricks/builder/elements', function( $elements ) {

  $index = array_search( 'template', $elements );
  unset( $elements[$index] );

  return $elements;
} );

Register new one:

add_action( 'init', function() {
  $element_files = [
    __DIR__ . '/elements/template.php',

  foreach ( $element_files as $file ) {
    \Bricks\Elements::register_element( $file );
}, 11 );

Now just copy the original template element (bricks\includes\elements\template.php) to bricks-child\elements and comment the lines that add wrapper around it.

if ( ! $is_popup_template ) {
	echo "<div {$this->render_attributes( '_root' )}>";
if ( ! $is_popup_template ) {
	echo '</div>';

The only thing it breaks is styling of template element obviously. There’s probably a filter to remove style controls/tab entirely somewhere.

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Thank you @Erehr looks like it is working. Nice!