Why have Dropdown settings in Nav Nestable elements when they already exist on the actual Dropdown element?

I’m curious… why do we have Dropdown as a settings section on the main Nav Nestable element if they already all exist on the actual Dropdown element? I assume this is in order to act like a “class” for menus that contain multiple dropdown elements, but as a class-first builder it seems like it would just create more confusion and duplicate data.

From Nav Nestable element:

From Dropdown element:

For things like icon colour, size, gap, etc and content min-width, etc… these are all just already on the actual Dropdown element and in that case do not need to be set on the main Nav Nestable element.

I think there’s room for improvement here, but not certain yet how it should improve. Ideally it’d just be paired down to one area to set the properties instead of two, or at least a note in the UI perhaps around which one takes precedence to make it clearer for users.

Saves having to add the same class to each dropdown element, or when adding new dropdowns. Easier to just do it on the parent element for all dropdowns in one go. But there still needs to be the option to change each dropdown individually.

Yeah that’s exactly what I figured, was just to make it easier for “defaults” I guess. If we’re using CSS classes it can just be skipped I suppose and assign the class to the dropdown element instead since it has more options there anyways. It feels like there’s room for improvement there somehow but I guess it behaves correctly the way it is.