Which Table of contents (TOC) plugin works with Bricks?

I have already tried some TOC plugins, but none of them works with Bricks.
Tested I have:
Easy Table of Contents
Table of Contents Plus
SimpleTOC - Table of Contents Block
LuckyWP Table of Contents
GutenTOC - Advance Table of Contents for Gutenberg
Joli Table Of Contents

Does anyone have an idea for this?

Thanks for your support

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Try a TOC from a Gutenberg block. Most Gutenberg blocks plug-ins have such a block.

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How can I insert a Gutenberg block into Bricks?
I don’t see the block in the element list of Bricks.

Do you need these TOCs in the Bricks, not in articles?

If you write the articles in Gutenberg then it should work just fine with any blocks plugin.

Ok I’ll try to change the way I work.

Hi, Did you get any solution?

There are at least two premade solutions for Bricks:

  1. BricksExtras TOC (made by @wplit)
    Table of Contents in Bricks | BricksExtras

  2. Frames TOC (made by @digitalgravy)
    → no docs yet available. Has been launched a few days ago