What plugins do you use with Bricks?

Newbie here. Curious to what should I use to make my Bricks experience better.
…So what plugins work good with Bricks and do you recommend, especially in a lifetime deal or aimed at WooComerce?

@cristianuibar @Michael ? What plugins work in the current Bricks form, what do you use with bricks and works?

Just Bricks. Nothing else. I find it enough and rest I add via code if I need anything. You might need something facetwp/grid builder if you need filtering.


Hey @Guccifer

I am pretty much the same as @omega I dont really use element addons but will use things like SEO, Caching and sometimes form plugins.

If you want to invest in 3rd party addons then I would probably wait for at least another 6 months. Because there is so much development happening in Bricks, there will be a lot of conflicts and features that will be baked in to core.

If you are missing features, possibly look at a free code snippets plugin and then search the feature you are looking for on google and see if the code is on something like codepen etc.


Thank you @omega for this response. Glad to know all my dev needs could be met with just this. By the way , I just discovered https://motion.page/ which I think could help a lot! Is this something that you could you with bricks?

Thank you @Michael . Do you use https://motion.page/ ? Or anything to make your content stand out?

No worries mate, Not yet I havent had a project that need it yet. But it does look interesting! And some good feedback from users too

@jornes posted in the ideas page which has got a lot of upvotes so hopefully will make it onto the roadmap soon, so I am keen to see what they come up with. This might mean motion.page is not needed. But I might use it if a project comes up and the idea is still far from making it into a release


I almost forgot about this idea. I didn’t seem aware this feature request gets a high volume of upvotes :smiley:. I hope they make this available natively, so we don’t need to rely on the motion.page for similar motion effects.


@Guccifer It loads fine on my end. Are you using some browser extension which might be causing this issue? Try with a different internet connection.

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Exactly! To a noob like myself, this is waaay more wow and important than the other stuff people use bricks for…
I mean, I am guessing that the bulk of the people using Bricks will be people with a side hustle, not devs, so this is way more important than the number attached to it. What do you think @Michael and @jornes ?