What do you think about our Instagram like post feed?

I really wanted to do something different than the traditional blog Archive. It’s such an unintuitive designed compared to modern news feeds found on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

So I decided to mimic the news feed from social media platforms. You can select categories or search. Everything else is just endless scrolling like on social media.

What do you think? :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry it’s in German. :slight_smile:


That looks nice for a change with a modern vibe

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Very attractive and highly readable presentation. Congrats. (Chrome auto allows me to view in English, so reading it was no problem.)

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Looks nice fresh,

I noticed that in your post you have the Table of content, unfortunately it does not close once you click a link on it, and it takes almost all the screen.

LG aus der Schweiz

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Your entire website is stunning. Modern and simple but really eye catching.

I might just borrow a few of your ideas :wink:

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Thanks for that feedback. I’ll take a look on it next week :smile:

Schöne Grüße aus den Tiroler Alpen :mountain:

Take them all :smile: thanks for the kind words :blush:

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Love it. Clean site, well done. bravo!

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Just looking around your site again for ideas.

Your category pages are using the default style and render terribly on mobile