What are CSS ID and CSS Classes?

I looked for information on Bricks Academy, but there is no word about it.
What specifically are the two options available in all in elements for?


Please some simple use cases. Thanks.

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Do you use Advanced Themer? I believe this was added as a new feature to allow for custom ID and classes to refer to an element.

This is a standard feature of Bricks, near Custom CSS field:

it just changes the ID or adds classes to an element (doing it all from the classes dropdown at the top is the newer way to do it).

So are these outdated/deprecated alternatives to these settings?


Does this also apply to changing IDs or just adding classes?

Pretty much, just a manual way to add classes in bulk or set them dynamically

The class option lets you add classes to an element without it being added to the class dropdown list (database). This is helpful for adding classes from external sources. The ID option is useful for creating jump links, where you can link to different sections of the page. Hope that makes sense!