What about ClassicPress?

Hi all!

I recently found out that there is an interesting fork for Wordpress called ClassicPress. A group of developers and enthusiasts took a version of WP 4.9 and based on it made ClassicPress: classicpress.net. The main point of this project is that there is no Gutenberg, support for older versions of PHP is removed, and some basic functionality will be carried out in plugins. Here you can read: Using WordPress 4.9? 10 Reasons to Switch to ClassicPress

Personally I like this approach when the emphasis is on speed and performance and all this is based on a community opinion, as in Bricks :slightly_smiling_face: If you put together a system like this: Fast CMS + Fast E-Commerce + Quick Visual Builder, then in theory the perfect site :sunglasses: In my practice I work a lot with online stores and for me it is very important.

Questions for Bricks developers. Do you know about this fork and what do you think about it? Will Bricks be implemented there? As far as I understand, from visual builders it already has support for Beaver Builder.

Want to talk about it?

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